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Have You Heard?!  WE'RE MOVING Y'ALL!



In early 2024, we will be moving into our new location located on The Plaza.  If you would like to contribute to our Moving Fund, we will graciously receive your support.


The Big Love Yoga Barn started by 'accident' one day in 2020 when Jason asked Juli if he could use the space to host his weekly classes.  The Barn (it's original name) was previously a neighborhood Farmer's Market every weekend from 2015-2020.

The Farmer's Market had to close in early 2020 b/c of covid, so the space we sitting empty for many months.

When Jason became curious about using the space, we had no idea what was about to be birthed into Creation.

The artist community joined him with paint, 3-dimensional art work & funky lighting to completely transform the building.  Soon after, a community of teachers, healers, mystics, dancers & artist started to bring their Gifts into the space as an offering to the Charlotte community.


The Barn then became know as Big Love Yoga Barn b/c the Love, Creativity & Community gathering in the space was undeniably electric.  Community spaces in Charlotte are rare to come by.  We are a Community Center (not a yoga studio), where we come together to dance, play, breath, move, cry if you need to, transform & transmute in a way that Charlotte has not experienced before.  We've seen and experienced life changing moments as we come together in this space.

We will be celebrating our 3-year anniversary this November 2023 at the Central Avenue location.

Soon after, we will transition into our new home on The Plaza (only abt a mile away).  If you've not experienced the Big Love Yoga Barn, check out our calendar!  If you have experienced BLYB & feel called to give, we humbly receive your donation.

Thank you for making BLYB a place so many in Charlotte call home.

SO much Love for you <3

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